Observers EP

by Advantage To Crush

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released December 20, 2004

additional vox:
Engage - Jonathan Francis Tummillo
Adversary - Curtis Bush


tags: rock Jersey


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Track Name: Language Of Its Own
You're forgetting a conversation with yourself,
stop speaking and listen for a time or two.
There's a night of a clear conscience that's on your side,
ever wonder why you have a choice to choose.

When kingdoms keep you up at night,
and always make you miss the daylight.
Stare the ceiling down with words you can't ignore,
anger speaks a language of its own

Manage to think decide what's on your mind,
every look you share reveals a world to me.
You seem to remember things that can't be changed,
simple timing proves I'll wait till all is dealt.

You call it infection, I call it a will to change,
your heart stops when all the time you've had the cure.
Did my presence make it all right for your words,
damage done I'll close my eyes and sleep in peace.
Track Name: Engage
Fight you way against these words and picture me afraid of fate.

You'd drop at what I'd have to say,
and I'd drop if you agreed.
Everyday I'm crushed like my...(crush)
Fight your way upstairs,
where you can finally get some rest,
today you are crushed by your...(crutch)

So can I waste your time with words of inspiration,
I've fallen short.
Start to look at all in luxury and not necessity cause...

Here are all the colors you could never imagine.
And all the things you took for granted,
can be found here,
(where you'd least expect it.)

One last song to end the night,
finding last resorts to keep you here.
Find your wish but leave the mark,
and I swear to you you'll feel no pain.

Subdue temptation for priviledge,
it's a whisper in my ear.
I'm so...(tired)

So fight your way against these words and picture me afraid of fate.

A smile to bring fear to your words,
in a time when you lay fast awake,
understanding in my ways.
Forfit silloettes and watch the sun embrace the sky.
Goodmornings engage these goodbyes...
Track Name: Romantic Misunderstandings
Find the man who cries on a mountain defeating his pride,
soul drenched in his own tears.
Head raised high, screamin' up to heaven
'i'm comin' home, please take this chance from me'

Tell me where you want me to be and i'll be there today
chalk up a victory
the sky can be a wide open place,
for all your thoughts to be known.

Romantic misunderstandings
under these standings i'll show you how you found a way
crying out every time.
romantic misunderstanding
under these standings i'll show you how you were alive.

flesh feeds fear a welcoming home for an abundance of food.
simple as it can be.
run and hide,
following the footsteps of those before,
till it all sinks in.
wash away the product of all that you wish was a dream.
cries of a hearts desire
calling for a motive to change,
making sense of a.....

romantic misunderstandings
under these standings i'll show you how you found a way
crying out every time
romantic misunderstanding
under these standings i'll show you how you were alive.

A call to you.
I'll drink my poison just the same.
A name that all remember I will use.

mingle in the thoughts of an old life preparing to change,
ration out what you feel.
first to aim,
taking out your legs before you can stand.
it all never seems to end.
Track Name: Adversary
disappointment in his eyes
as the words fall from his mouth
see the beauty in his pain,
turning all that's sour into wine

disgust consumes his mind
knowing he's come to far
compassion murders pride
fearing nothing (he) makes his move

fight back
it's going down to meet it's maker
it's in your bloodstream
Track Name: Wonder
these moments push me closer, to You.
never see truth until it rips right though me
a passion i have gained.
You always choose the very best for me.....and so i sing.

much has gone unanswered for me
take all the time because its shown right through me
i am only a guest.
You always choose the very best for me....and so i'll sing.

it's what you done before
to keep my eyes wide open
Track Name: Where's The Flag!?
Undeniably you've shot down everything i've said,
don't blame me when it's all inside my head

sacrifice and speak to me like lives untold,
i'll help hold the weight

tell me where you are where you can finally see me

in a pit of fury i'll say goodbye
bend the truth sometimes
unforgiveness sparks the melodies,
as the eager drinkis the wine

unfortunately you smell the flesh of your decay,
don't blame me when it's all inside your head

stand back and give up what you had in
mind me for i am who i am

tell me where you are when you can finally see me

as a clock runs low i'll say it's time
when i should have said goodbye
thoughtlessness makes you wish you had
as a look reveals your mind

i see 104 wounds each from a shoulder
who knew love could leave such marks
you said it's all worth it from just one word
so these will be the last one's i speak.
the one's i speak
Track Name: Outro
none to speak of